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Many athletes are now using maca to enhance their performance in a natural way. This is an acknowledgement of maca’s power to improve strength, stamina and good health. These athletes, including many bodybuilders have found maca to be a healthy alternative to steroids.

Most athletes would prefer natural supplements instead of synthetic substances which causes adverse side effects. They found that maca can really help increase their strength and muscle development naturally. Daily supplements of maca are taken by these bodybuilders and high performance athletes as part of their training and development programs. Maca has really gone a long way since they were first used by the ancient Incas of Peru.

Our present supply of maca supplements comes from the maca root plant that grows in the Andean Mountains in Peru and Colombia. This plant has been used by the early Peruvians for food, medicine and for improving their sexual functions. It is now growing in popularity because of recent studies and researches done on the plant which confirmed its many beneficial substances. Laboratory studies have shown that maca contains a wide variety of nutrients that can improve our health. These substances include many vitamins such as C, E, B1 and B2. Maca also contains minerals such as calcium, potassium, iron and many others. It also contains protein, micronutrients and fiber.

Benefits That Bodybuilders Can Get From Maca
With many nutrients available in maca, bodybuilders can expect an improvement in their muscle development and performance if they will start taking it as their daily supplement. Among the most notable benefits they can get are the following.

• Maca will help build your muscles. This is due to maca being anabolic – which simply means “building up muscle.” Many muscle builders have added maca powder in their daily power drink to get this benefit. It will naturally increase your testosterone levels in order to build more muscles.
• Taking maca will increase your protein supply which is important in muscle building. In one tablespoon of maca powder, you can easily get 4 grams of high quality protein.
• Your energy will increase and so will your stamina and endurance. You can work intensely for longer periods of time. If you have longer work-outs, your muscles will build up faster.
• For vegan bodybuilders, maca is ideal for your vegan or raw food diet since it is made of organic substances. Maca is manufactured using natural processes with little or no heat involved. This will fully complement your natural diet.
• Maca is more effective than the muscle building steroids that you take. These steroids usually enlarge the prostate. Taking maca will reduce the size of your prostate glands.
• Maca will bring about hormonal balance in your system. It does not actually produce the hormones that you lack but it acts as an adaptogen which induces your body to produce the needed hormones. For men, this means your testosterone levels will be at its optimum and for women it is their estrogen level that will be balanced. This will effectively increase your athletic or bodybuilding performance.
• Your glucose tolerance will also improve. This will help you in losing fat and building muscles, aside from preventing the onset of diabetes.
• Your metabolism will also increase, which is important in faster weight loss and muscle gain.

Improve Your Workouts With Maca
Many bodybuilders and athletes have reported increases in their strength and stamina after only a few days of taking supplemental dosages of maca. This is the result of the stabilization of sugar levels that maca helps to bring about. If you have a stable blood sugar level, it means you can do more strenuous workouts longer than before. As you exercise longer, more fats will be burned and more of your muscles will be built up.

Taking maca before your workout will give you the carbohydrates that you need. It is believed by many that doing this will improve your workouts. This will supply your muscles with the needed glycogene which is important for weightlifting exercises. In addition, maca also contains high quality protein, essential fats and minerals that enhance your performance. With increased strength, you will notice that your exercise routine becomes easier and you can do it much longer. Again, you lose more weight because you are burning more calories.

How Much Maca Are You Going To Take?
The typical practice of bodybuilders who take maca is between 1 and 3 tablespoons every day. This is about 5,000 to 15,000 milligrams per day. At this rate, you will consume a 1 kilo pack of maca powder in about 45 to 60 days. The basic dosage for an average person is about 3,000 to 5,000 milligrams per day depending on his condition. Maca is basically a food and not a medicine. Generally speaking, taking it consistently at the optimum amount will give the most benefit.


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