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Maca root has been consumed by people in the Andes region to increase their stamina and improve their general health. This root plant has very potent ingredients that can reverse adverse health conditions such as infertility and lack of libido.

This tuberous root plant is an adaptogen that works according to needs of the body. Therefore, if you are taking the right maca dosage, you can be sure that your particular health problem will be solved. But with the high potency of maca, it is very important to stick with the right dosage to prevent any unforeseen side effects. Given the right dosages, alternative health practitioners assure that taking maca is safe and poses no ill-effects on the user.

Nevertheless, because of maca’s very potent active agents, it is safe to take it under the supervision of your health provider. As a general guide, here are the standard dosages for certain health conditions where maca root will be used as a mode of intervention.

General Considerations

• We must remember that maca root whether raw, gelatinized or powdered is a food and not a medicine. Because of the special way it is planted, cultivated and processed, it contains excellent nutrients and is considered as a “superfood”. Whatever maca dosage will be designed for your particular health condition, this concept should always be considered.
• Don’t take what is more than necessary. Although maca has no side effects, taking too much may cause some problems such as increased heart rates, uncontrolled hyper activity, insomnia, etc.
• Always start in small dosages and gradually increase it as you are able to adjust to its effects on your system.
• Consider your overall physical conditions, i.e. age, weight and overall health. For example, younger people can start on regular dosages, while the elderly are recommended to start small. Dosages for those who are underweight and sickly have to be properly adjusted.
• Maca will affect different people differently. Even if we consider health, age, weight, etc. no two people are alike in their reactions to maca root.
• Maca dosages can be adjusted according to your reactive capacity and your actual need.
• Dosages of maca are different for therapy and general health. Typically, therapy dosages are higher than those for general health.

General Maca Dosage

• For health maintenance – if you are taking raw organic maca in capsule form, your daily minimum is 12 grams (3 teaspoons, or 3 – 4 capsules per day, depending on the capsule size). Your daily maximum should only be 36 grams (3 tablespoons, or 6 – 8 capsules per day, depending on the capsule size).
• You need lesser amounts if you are taking gelatinized maca root since the starch is already taken out. In this case, your daily minimum will only be 6 grams (1 teaspoon or 1 -2 capsules per day, depending on the capsule size). Your daily maximum will be 12 grams ( 3 tablespoons, or 3 – 4 capsules per day, depending on capsule size).

Maca Dosage for PMS
Herbalists recommend that you start with 3 capsules per day. It is hoped that your PMS symptoms will gradually diminish every month. You will notice your mood stabilizing first, then there will be a change in your bleeding pattern. Later, you will experience your cramps getting fewer and fewer.

Fertility Dosages
It is recommended for both partners to take this dosage especially if they are trying to conceive a child. Both the male and the female should take 3 to 6 capsules a day. When conception takes place, the woman is advised to stop taking her dosage. The man can either stop or go on depending on his health condition.

Break from Maca Dosage
Once you are on a continuing Maca dosage, herbalists believe that it will be good to give your body a break from time to time. You will notice that there are times when you feel like taking less maca dosage. Listen to your body and give yourself a break. Some take one day off a week some even take one week off a month. An advantage of this scheme is that you feel that certain rush of energy once you take up your regular dosage again.

Since there are no sufficient Maca root scientific studies at the moment, most alternative health practitioner cautions those who have a high risk of breast and prostate cancer against taking this highly potent substance. This is in regard to the belief that maca can increase the production of certain hormones although there is no real scientific backing for this. Those who have high blood pressure, thyroid issues, goiter, pregnant and nursing women are also advised not to use this product since there is yet no sufficient scientific studies that says it is perfectly safe for them.


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